Uniting 4 Hooves and 2 Minds


My training foundation is based off of Tom and Bill Dorrances work. Years ago discovering their books propelled me on a lifelong journey. I begin with establishing a connection with the horse, a mutual understanding. Then we work forward from there, sometimes it takes alot of time, and effort to establish this. In all situations, I create a learning environment for the horse. They always have a choice, they can push into pressure or search for a path where is no pressure. I balance the amount of pressure with surgical precision, I try to avoid escalating the situation, where the horse gets upset and impairs the learning frame of mind. Understanding a horses actions and reactions as well as the appropriate application of pressure, is more important than techniques or training. I explore contact and collection in everything I do with the horse. Getting a horse to use their conformation to the best of their athletic ability is very important in the horses training in balance and straightness. A horse needs to experience pleasure in their training, through reassurance, support, and Petting a horse in a fashion that lowers the heart rate.

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Paul Rogers

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