Uniting 4 Hooves and 2 Minds


Clinics create an environment, unlike any other in the horse world. You have a group of like minded people, focused on similar goals, and learning through multiple mediums. The horses are all in a new environment and are utilizing all their senses as they will become part of two new herds. One herd will be formed between the horse and rider, taking their partnership to a new level. The herd will be formed with the other horses in the clinic, as they experience and conquer new challenges physically and work through their fear boundaries with their increased trust and confidence in their rider. People form lasting friendships with others in the clinic that have similar past experiences and comparable future goals. There is a fellowship and comeraderie formed here that is unique. There is so much more available to people in clinics than in private lessons, but its hard for some to take that first step into a public venue when they are experiencing trouble with their horse, or within themselves.


Ride the Mind

May 7 & May 8 - Dillingham Ranch

68-540 Farrington Hwy.
Waialua, HI 96791

9AM - Noon: Colt Starting
1PM - 4PM: Ride the Mind

$75 per person per class


Ride the Mind

May 28 & May 30 - Hay Day Ranch

2530 Pony Farm Rd.
Maidens, VA 23102

9AM - Noon: Colt Starting
1PM - 4PM: Ride the Mind

$75 per person per class with $75 deposit


Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
Paul Rogers

(509) 899-2928

Mailing Address:
5300 Elk Springs Road
Ellensburg, WA 98926